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New Camera, No Clue?

Are you a parent with a brand spankin new camera? Did you get it for Christmas or your birthday and haven’t even opened up the manual?   Better yet, it has all the latest bells and whistles and you are afraid to take it out of auto mode? Lisa Hodnet Photography is pleased to announce a workshop for parents:

[Yes, it says mama on there, but what it means to say is parent;)Because we all know that there are crazy dad’s out there who won’t let go of their cameras :)]


In this 3 hour workshop, we will be talking about your camera, your settings, and basic photography skills along with composition and lighting.  You will leave the session with a workbook chalk full of information, all of your notes you take;)and a goodie bag!

Visit our workshop link for more information on the workshops – you won’t be disappointed!

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