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meet lisa

My name is Lisa and I am a mother to two beautiful children and a wife to an awesome husband!
I have been photographing families and children for 5 years and weddings for 3.

After being in business for five years, I finally ‘get it’ now. Good photos happen. AH-MA-ZING photos are choreographed like a complex symphony.
There are so many factors that go into taking an   AH-MA-ZING photo – more than just a brand new awesome camera. Sure there is the technical aspect
that every professional photographer should be able to give you. But there is also that emotional connection in photos. You know that connection that makes
you want to reach through the photo and just squeeze that cutie patootie? The emotion that overwhelms you to tears, warms your heart,  bring back memories.
That is the piece of art that I am out to create for you. The one that evokes  such a huge warm and fuzzy feeling and transposes you back in
time with those loved ones in the  photo.

THAT is the experience and the memory that you will leave Lisa Hodnet Photography with.

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